Ketosis: Signs And Symptoms You Are In ‘Fat Burning Mode’

Ketosis: Signs And Symptoms You Are In Fat Burning Mode

Things happen to your body when it is in ketosis, almost all of which are extremely beneficial to weight loss and overall health. Ketosis means the body condition where you use up stored body fat to generate energy rather than convert carbohydrate for energy use. It is simply the process where the body switches from utilizing carbohydrates obtained in foods to burning up fats to generate energy for normal body functions. This situation generates ketones or ketone bodies in the body and you ultimately begin to lose weight.

So how do you know your body is in ketosis and burning up fat fast?

  • Obvious weight loss

For most people, the ultimate goal for ketosis is weight loss. Ketosis sets in when the body begins to burn fat instead of burning sugar for energy. The more the body burns fat, resulting in obvious shedding of weight, the more the individual builds leaner muscles. Over a period of time, a keto diet puts the body into the fat burning mode and this results in visible weight loss.

  • Abundance of ketones in urine or blood

The more the body dumps the use of carbohydrates for fat to generate energy, the more the body produces ketones or ketone bodies. There are three types of ketones – acetone, aceto-acetate, and betahydroxybutyrate. All three are water-soluble molecules but acetone is never utilized by the body and so gets excreted as waste through urine. So if you are in ketosis and your body has begun to burn up fat, then you have large amounts of ketones detectable in your urine. It is also detectable in your blood. You know the amount of ketone bodies in your urine and blood by testing for it using ketone test strips.

  • Loss of appetite

Are you on the ketogenic diet and experiencing gradual loss of appetite? That is a good sign, it shows your body is entering ketosis and you may be on the path to visible weight loss. If you abandon eating carbohydrates which the body uses to generate energy over a period of time, the brain begins to regulate the hormones that trigger hunger and you begin to feel less of hunger.

  • ‘Keto-breath’ – change of breath smell

For some people, the smell of their breath changes when their bodies go into ketosis and starts burning fat for fuel. This smell is distinctive and some describe it as a fruity smell that can be likened to overripe apples, while some say it can smell metallic or some other way. It is called ‘keto-breath’. It usually occurs at the start of the keto diet, and dissipates within a few weeks.

  • Change in toilet habits

Ketosis generally occurs as a result altering your diet from carbohydrates to protein and fat. This usually necessitates a change in your toilet habits too. Some people may not feel the pressure to visit the toilet for a couple of days as a result of constipation, and yet others experience diarrhea and visit the toilet more. When your diet or the nutrients obtainable from food change, your toilet habits changes too.

  • Burst of energy or onset of fatigue

Depending on individuals, initially you may experience a burst of energy and feel like doing more activity, or get overwhelmed with fatigue over several days as the body changes fuel modes. However, long-term the ketogenic diet is renowned for providing significantly more energy; mental focus and clarity are also witnessed by most keto dieters.

  • Other signs and symptoms of ketosis
  • Dry mouth and thirst
  • Insomnia
  • Cramps
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Frequent urination
  • Nausea

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